Cha Lee
"Guitar" Chahlee
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Chahlee had played the guitar a bit in his teens and twenties but only as a casual distraction, really.
In the past few years he has become more interested in studying intently and learning all he can about,
the musicianship of all the great guitar masters from the early and modern blues and some from the jazz genres.

"Fascinated by the heated discussions that guitar-music enthusiasts, mostly non-musicians,
would get into about whether Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan was a greater guitarist
(it seemed that these people were *strongly* adamant about one or the other of these guitar legends),
I figured that since I was just beginning my journey as a serious guitar "student", these would be two guys
that I would start listening *closely* to in order to try to start figuring out what it is about them.
I keep saying to myself that these guys are only human after all, but I have a difficult time really meaning it
when I sit down and try to absorb some of the guitar virtuosity that these legends have displayed and blessed us all with.
Ever since the time of my decision to become a "guitarist" rather than a "guitar player" (there *is* a difference in my own mind),
I have been collecting all the music of these guys and those guitarists and blues performers who have gone before
and that EC and SRV have alluded to as having been their own influences. It will be a life-long journey!"

A few of Chahlee's more notable influences are, EC, T-Bone Walker, The King's - Albert, B.B. and Freddie, Duke Robillard,
Earl Hooker, Hollywood Fats, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, Magic Sam, Lloyd 'Tiny' Grimes, SRV, etc., etc....

Chahlee the songwriter-composer performs some of his originals (that suit guitar) at his live performances.
These orginal tunes are well-received by listeners and of course, they're FUN to play!
He has written tunes for television shows and a jingle or two has been adapted for cell phone ring tones.
His first-ever composition, "Suite: Seasons of Life", originally composed for
three hands on piano is searching for somebody who can adapt it for orchestra.
You can listen to this and other of his "non-blues" compositions by clicking on the
music notes above (for Napster, " (tm)" "The (USA) iTunes Store", or "Rhapsody").

Chahlee is also responsible for assembling, recording and producing most of the backing tracks that
can be heard at his performances. It can take as many as sixty or more hours to achieve a realistic
live human sound in a single backing track depending on the complexity or intricacy of the music in a song.
The 'band in an MP3 player' that he 'employs' at his performances has been named "The Bak Trak Band".
The guys in this band are *good*. They never get tired, they *always* play at the right tempo and volume,
and they never complain about *anything* even if they are commanded to play two shuffles in a row (grin)!

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